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      Our director have finished the visit of shanghai baosteel group corporation. 2010-8-1
      May 10, 2010, Doosan purchasing department members came to visit our company 2010-6-14
      June 11, 2010,our company key parter South Korean Doosan company will visit our company. 2010-6-7
      Our company take the management of the plenary meeting. 2010-5-31
      Our company take great efforts to improve the working environment of workers. 2010-5-24
      The gas transform project have copleted! 2010-5-10
      Our company participate exhibition in 2010-4-17
      ADD:Hebei Baoding Wangdu XingWang Road #18
      PostCode:072450 TEL:0312-7838998 FAX:0312-7721774
      Chairman of Board:Li Hui
      website:http://www.ldxxb.com E-mail:wuyue@chashanwuyue.com備案許可:冀ICP備06005405號-1
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